Dear Users,

USHost247 will begin migrating from older servers to newer, higher capacity servers. Servers are currently being configured and setup to get ready for the migration of accounts. We will release a new announcement with the updated information for those running custom nameservers. For those that currently use NS1.NOC10.NET and NS2.NOC10.NET as your nameservers, there will be no modifications needed from your end. As with all migrations, there is a chance for error and delays in DNS propagation, which we will keep the old server up and running until the migration is fully complete. We will release more information as it comes available.


08/26/2020 2354
Migration is currently 84% complete. Users with dedicated IP address will notice their sites are currently down if theirs has not been migrated yet. This is caused by the Failover IPs getting moved from the old server to the new server while the account hasn't been fully migrated by the system.

08/27/2020 0000
Migration is currently 87%


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