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We have been around since 2012!
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USHost247 is a global provider of web hosting and other related services. Founded in 2010 by Christopher Grigg. Starting out as a small reseller account, USHost247 continued to grow. Starting with close friends that wanted to have their gaming clan websites so their members could communicate. Once USHost247 outgrew the reseller plans, we looked to expand into Dedicated Servers and just bypass the VPS plans all together.

We found our new location with a company that had great servers, great prices, and great location. We decided to move our operations to those servers. A few months in, we ran into some problems along the way. Server provider didn’t help with equipment related issues, harddrive issues that caused us to lose data. Long story short, we decided to stop accepting clients and asked clients to find a new provider while our team worked together to get a new game plan together. After working together for almost a year, we came up with a new website and new servers in a different location.

Hello OVH! It was at this time we joined our new home at OVH. We ordered the servers and began working on our project once again. Ever since then, in late 2012, we have been running strong! We have learned from what did and didn’t work in the past and we have worked diligently on our public relations with the public. We believe in “quality” and not “quantity”. The quality of our service to the public far outweighs having the quantity of clients with bad quality.

But what do you do differently now that you failed to do in the beginning?

In the beginning, we were not prepared for offering 24x7x365 support via support tickets. We hurt our reputation by support tickets taking hours to days to get resolved. We have corrected that by dedicating a full team to support tickets. We now average about 1 hour response time. Our goal is to fix the problem in one reply. If your ticket is detailed enough, our team will do our best to correct your issue or explain what the problem is in one reply. Who likes constantly replying to a ticket for a resolution, right?
We now use the Google Cloud to host our backups for clients. In the past, we used extra harddrives on the server to hold the backups. We learned the hard way when both drives decided to fail at the same time, causing data loss. After this event, we pledged never again to host backups on the same server.
Our support team now will do everything they can to offer support for 3rd party applications, instead of telling you the subject is out of our scope. We believe in helping every person, which is why our team will go out of their way to read Google and software documentations to help you with whatever you need.
Come join our family and see for yourself what it’s like to be appreciated by your host instead of being just a number to them.